Meet the parents

As new breeders we currently only have one queen and one stud. They are both wonderful cats and are certainly a very large presence in our lives.

Mr. Big

baby mr big

First I will tell you a little bit about my beautiful boy, KoppieKatz Mr Big of Rarabelle (SBT 123115 023).
Mr. Big is such a wonderful boy. He has absolutely beautiful large rosettes and tons of glitter throughout his incredibly soft coat. He is very solidly built with a very muscular body. He also has the most sweet and gentle personality. For a tom cat this guy has ZERO aggression issues. In fact, occasionally I see him get cornered and jumped by some of our other more feisty felines and I have never seen him lash out even a little bit. He just sits and waits for them to leave him alone.

He currently roams free in the house with us full time and because of this he has to wear a diaper (a.k.a "stud pants") to prevent our home from being taken over with the smell of spray. Eventually I hope to have the funds to build him (and future studs) a designated structure that he can spend most of his time in so that he will only need to wear his diaper during his social visits inside.

Hopefully soon I will get even better pictures of him.


baby suede

Next I will tell you a little bit about my most wonderful girl, KoppieKatz SweetSuede of Rarabelle (SBT 122715 044).
Suede is just the most awesome cat I have met in a long time. She has the most loving temperment of all of our cats, at least in my opinion. She is most certainly one of my favorite cats here (but please do not tell any of the others!). She has a very tight glittery coat with large tri colored rosettes. I love this girl so much! She has also proven to be an absolutely amazing mother with very good instincts.